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Terra [userpic]
let's see if I can get this puppy going
by Terra (penguinfaery)
at September 2nd, 2009 (09:19 pm)

Everyone's wise by ~penguinfaery on deviantART

Anyway, this is my first project for my Drawing 3: Thematic art class. It is based on the proverb "Everyone is wise until he speaks."

Except as I have more of an issue with NOT saying things (Which...is probably weird considering I am a loud mouth) so I twisted it around to the fact that it's often not wise to keep silent. All the bubbles are things I WISH I had said (Though not all wise things to say, I must admit. Honest, but not wise. It sorta reads like a "10 anonmouse things you want to say to people" thing, except like...23 that you can't really read anymore) This piece was very...therapeutic in a lot of ways with shit that's gone down, and I'm really happy with it. The background is Snow Patrol lyrics under and ink wash. Because that guys knows how to sum up fights. And the feature are based on mine, but...obviously not self portrait as I'm pretty damn far from skeletal.

It is colored pencil, white out, thread, sumi ink, and decoupage.