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drive_mah_car's Journal

Te's art Journal
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Baby you can drive my car
Yes I'm gonna be a star
Baby you can drive my car
And maybe I'll love you

The art (And other creative junk) journal of one Miss penguinfaery

Fanart, original art, doddles, essay, my thoughts on yaoi, teel deer and whatever else I choose to stick in here.

Art likely won't be cut unless I'm posting more then one piece.

I put this up for everyone to enjoy. If I didn't want it seen, it'd stay in my sketch book. So you're free to repost anywhere. I would obviously greatly prefer credit, but if you save something and post it again 2 month later and have forgotten exactly where you got it...I won't knaw your balls off if it shows up on 4chan with no sauce or anything.

If you want to use my art in graphic I love you and am greatly complimented. Again please credit and show me :D It makes me happy.

The only things I do NOT allow and will bring every ToS and wtfever I can down on your head for is claiming you made something that I did* and using my shit for profit without us discussing it. In depth.


*If you are using my art to trace or something else to teach yourself, to remake into your character, or whatever you could be tracing it for, this is one place where I really demand credit. If it's too close to mine without credit, I'll assume you're stealing it.


If you are interested in a commission please contact me privately. I'm not terribly expensive (Inked 9x12 is $10 for example) and am happy to work something out.
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